Group SMS


With Group SMS you can send an SMS text message to a group of contacts. You can also send mail to groups and forward email attachments to groups.

When you have a very large group, you can choose to bypass your own mobile provider and opt to use the SMS gateway of Group SMS instead. This allows you to send your Group SMS or Bulk SMS with less cost and more control. This feature is also ideal for marketing campaigns. If you want, you can set the sender ID to your company name.

Group SMS will show you the groups that are already defined in the Contacts app of your iPhone or iPod touch or iPad.

You can also create new groups and modify existing groups. You can add contacts and remove contacts from groups. This video shows you how to create a group.

Group SMS will send the SMS using the mobile operator of your iPhone. The costs of the SMSs will be charged by your mobile operator under the terms of your current text messaging plan or you can use the special SMS gateway of Group SMS.

If a group contains 12 contacts, you will be charged 12 SMS. Of course, if you have an unlimited text plan with your mobile operator, you will not be charged.

Group Mail is always without costs. On the iPad and iPod touch you can use the Group Email feature and also the Group SMS feature when you opt for the SMS gateway of Group SMS.

Group SMS costs 0.99 EUR or 0.79 GBP or 0.99 USD.

The artwork of Group SMS is optimized for iPhone 4’s Retina display and iPhone 5 and 6's larger screen.

Group SMS is localized in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.

Instructional videos are here.

App Store Reviews

"This app does what it says it can, and does it very well." - United Kingdom

"Works Perfectly" - USA

"WELTKLASSE. Sehr gutes App!" - Germany

"Kanon app!" - Sweden

"Great app! Creates groups easily to SMS/ email to." - Singapore

"Warum geht das nicht schon immer so toll." - Austria

"This is an awesome app. I text more than I call and text to groups all the time. "- Australia

"Actually, the best application on apple store. Thanks for this great application. " -

Saudi Arabia

Group SMS

Version 4.8


iOS 10 or higher

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